I have a crowd, now what?

I’m at the eCampaigning Forum in Vienna. There are open space sessions where attendees can discuss different topics. I started a topic on the question ‘I have a crowd, now what?’ Below you can find a brief summary of what was said in our open space session.

How can we channel the power of the crowd? Make individual, small wins. Target on individuals, not on entire political parties, or election wins or losses. It’s difficult to show the relation of campaigns and results, for it’s not happening ‘here’, it’s happening ‘there’. Get to little victories, small wins build success. Use the ideas of your crowd, they are involved, otherwise they wouldn’t have joined your campaign. Tell the crowd what they made happen, they will take action when you ask them big thing! Create the moment.

Create transparency, do for instance interviews. Learn about your crowd. Being in a crowd, doesn’t always feels that way. What are the expectations? A crowd is a heterogene group, not everyone needs the same input. If you see your campaign is going a wrong way, you should be able to change your direction on your campaign. Roadmaps work good, show people what influence they have. Storytelling helps. Make intermediate goals. User generated content. Send a survey, ideagathering. Or even a competition on how to express the Grow campaign. Organize a local event where we present the Grow campaign.

Personalize. Let the story be told by real people, adress people.


~ door jaccovlastuin op november 3, 2011.

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